Ashley Greene

    Ashley was born on February 21st, 1987. Best known for playing the pixie-haired Alice Cullen in Twilight, Ashley has become one of the fastest rising young stars in Hollywood. Having grown up in Florida, she is blessed with one older brother named Joe, whom she often mentions in interviews and articles. A pro at the modeling industry since a young age but a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene means that pics and info about Ashley and her brother are hard to come by. But luckily, thanks to the awesome webmasters at, we have one picture of them together, attending the Hollywood premiere of Twilight, with Joe as her escort. Clearly good looks run in the family!
    Later, Joe recalled the overwhelming presence of the thousands of screaming fans and hundreds of photographers yelling at him to get out of the shot. But we are super glad that Joe stuck by his sister's side so we could have a picture of them both giving those dazzling smiles. And can we get a collective awww for the fact that he's holding her purse for her!!!
    With a strong connection to her family, and the love and support they give her, we have no doubt that Ashley will go far in this business. And the latest news is that we might even see Joe on the big screen one day. His sister Ashley is working on convincing her brother to come out to Hollywood to spend some time with her and give acting a try. We wish them both the best of luck in whatever career they choose!!!

Quotes from Ashley:

I have one brother, Joe, who is 23. We're really, really close. He still lives in Jacksonville but actually just the other day was talking about maybe moving out with the little sis and trying his hand at acting.

(On seeing Twilight for the first time)
Everyone's talking about it but I won't see it until the premiere. But it's cool though because I'm bringing my mom, my dad, and my brother, and so I'll be able to kind of go through that with them, so that'll be fun.

(On whether her family has read the books)
I think my brother's starting the first one. He bought a Twilight T-shirt though which was adorable. He's older than me, but my brother's one of my very good friends and we're a year and a half apart. We have a lot to talk about now. Before I think when I was a teenager it was really, "Whatever." But yeah, I talk to my brother. He's actually interested in acting a little bit and so it's really cool to see his little sister go through what I'm going through.

My brother is now a Twilight-guy!

Quotes from Joe:

(To the webmasters of, an unofficial fan site)
Wow, you're really doing a great job keeping up with my sisters career, lol, there's stuff on here that i haven't even looked up yet! Keep up the good work, and go see Twilight!

(On whether his sister would succeed in Hollywood)
I think we all had confidence that she had all the skills and attitude to be one of the people who actually make it out there, that it's something she'd fall into. She's always been a social butterfly- even though she's pretty, she's still real nice.

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