A fun website devoted to celebrities and their siblings!

Brother & Sister of the Month


Jason Behr and his sister Aliysa

       Why did I make the site?

1. Celebrities love their families too and I think it's really sweet to see them with their siblings. Plus, I have an awesome older brother, so I only feature brother-sister relationships. Otherwise it would be way too much work to feature every celebrity with a sibling!
2. Pure curiosity. Ever wondered what the female version of Vin Diesel looks like, or what a male Jessica Alba is? Wonder no more! :)
3. I find it infinitely fascinating when siblings look exactly alike or not at all alike or just share a few key traits.
4. I like to hunt for somewhat obscure pictures that are not readily available on a bunch of other sites.

*I don't take credit for any of the pictures or video on this site. I treat it as a database or collection of pictures, videos, trivia and quotes. :)

* The site is constantly being updated with new information on different celebrities, so check back often!

* I focus mostly on celebrities whose siblings are not famous, but I will do a few features on some brothers and sisters who are both famous.

Do you know of any great photos, youtube videos, articles etc? Don't hesitate to drop me an email at heatherflynn21@gmail.com! Any help is appreciated and will receive full credit, thanks! :)